In these uncertain times we have been trying to find a way to help our community, customers, and staff whilst keeping everyone safe within the new social distancing regulations. So we have created a delivery menu which includes some household staple items that have been hard to find for some... we are open to your suggestions of what products you would find convenient to be delivered.

So drop us a line at or give us a call on 9337 3723.

In order to help people get these essentials we are offering free delivery to select suburbs. This will be subject to change upon demand but currently includes;

A minimum $50 order applies with FREE delivery available to select suburbs, drop us a line on our social media platforms and share with your friends and family and if we get enough interest we will add your suburb to the list. 

Payment for deliveries can be made via credit card over the phone, our drivers use hand sanitiser before/after every delivery and practice social distancing.

Please mention over the phone if you are in self isolation and our driver will leave the delivery at your door and send you a text message upon delivery.

We are working on an online ordering system to be implemented shortly along with a pre-order app for pick up orders.

Regretfully we can no longer accept CASH payments, in an effort to up our prevention measures we are now only accepting payment by card or other contactless payments.

In an effort to slow the spread and do our part to maintain the safety and health of our staff, customers and premises we have limited all shop front orders to our coffee service window and are ensuring that cleaning and sanitising measures have been increased to meet current guidelines. If you would like to see what stock we have in store we have moved our pie and cake cabinets up to the windows so you can view them from outside the shop and we ask you to place your order through the coffee window when ready.

We appreciate your patience and understanding in these uncertain times. 

Thanks, The Jaylea's Team